South India ethical tourism - cultural immersion


A beautiful Itinerary

Travel narrow roads to pristine village communities.  Witness age old customs and tribal festivals, crafts, art, livelihoods, and community cooperative tourism.  We have lovely accommodations with host families, and awake each morning to bird song.  Land of rice fields, spices, fruits, veggies and all things natural in unspoiled environments. 

Lauren Ravin

In love with India

Nineteen years ago India captured my heart.  As a courageous solo traveler,  I returned to India yearly.  In 2013, I invited other travelers to join me and Raven's Caravan was created.  With a passion for ethical tourism and for going beyond the tourist path, I partnered with NGO's.  My south India itineraries highlight pristine villages that only few know about.  A full day of activities and unforgettable experiences, with traditions old and new.  

The Rajasthan Caravan takes you to the outer regions of Rajasthan; amazing and unforgettable in motion, color, architecture, traditions and lifestyle.  In Rajasthan, the independent traveler can choose to explore as they like, or with our small group, as the best of activities are offered.   

For All Itineraries - Local guides, private driver/vehicle, local air flights, and  sometimes trains.

Small group travel

South India Caravans - 5 to 7 persons Rajasthan Caravans - 5 to 10 persons

Independent travel vs tours - Rajasthan Itinerary

Raven's Caravan was created as a way to travel caravan style - "to travel together and enjoy according to our own style of exploring."  Explore together or independently.  Wonderful group activities are always included.